In the Heart of Harrisonburg's Historic Community

Woodbine is a sacred, peaceful, and charming burial ground.
For over 165 years, we have humbly maintained our mission of creating a non-denominational, non-profit cemetery which acts as a symbol to the love, legacy, and character of the Harrisonburg Community, but also as a final resting home for the families and friends of the Shenandoah Valley and the State of Virginia.

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Words from the Daily-News Record:

“Woodbine…features some of the city’s most elaborate architectural features, sculpture and flora in the area, creating a peaceful, park-like setting amid the usual hustle and bustle.” – R. Bowman (2009)

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These gates are erected in memory

of the officers and members of the Woodbine Society

On the plaques of the Market Street Gate reads a message in honor of those who have made a meaningful impact towards inspiring the vision and “gave generously of their time and means to beautify this cemetery where they now rest from their labors.”

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